October – December 2012

Christmas Greetings to you,

Hello to you dear praying friends and supporters! The wonderful time of year is upon us again where we give thanks for all the Lord does in our lives and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Just coming out of the Thanksgiving season, we have much to always be thankful for; and as we head into the time where we celebrate Christ’s birth, may we all truly focus on Him: why He came, why He died for us, and what His plan is for each of our lives; not entangling ourselves with the materialism the world has made Christmas become. God has a magnificent plan for each of us to work together in carrying out the Gospel so that the world can hear of His good news and be saved! As the New Year 2013 rolls in, let us carry out God’s plan in our lives more than ever before!

As for us, this year has held a lot for us. It started off with our departure for Guyana, and a few months later an unexpected return with the denied working visa situation, and a redirection in order to continue our ministry. As the year closes out, God recently brought a verse to my heart in 2 Corinthians 11:10 “As the truth of Christ is in me, no man shall stop me of this boasting in the regions of Achaia.” For myself and my ministry, may I substitute Guyana here for Achaia?? Do your hearts ache to reach others (the peo-ple you are called to) for Christ, and to boast of the truth of Christ that is in you to them???? Oh our hearts ache so much!! And the longer we get away from Guyana, the more they ache! Man closed our door to Guyana….God didn’t. God allowed us to swiftly raise our support to get there and to start the ministry, and then man SHUT that door by denying us the privilege to stay. God allowed that too! So what is He showing now? We know that God will work in the hearts of the ones responsible for doing so; and in the meantime we had to press on: but that doesn’t take away the aching in our hearts to reach the people He called us to…..and those precious children, the intake had just begun with the 3 children we took in.

Isaiah 6:8 “Also, I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, WHOM SHALL I SEND, AND WHO WILL GO FOR US? Then said I, Here am I; send me.”

The ministry that God placed us in now will enable us to add Guyana to it when the time comes. We close out this year with the encouragement from God’s Word that we will PRESS ON to re-enter….no man will stop us of reaching these regions [of Guyana]. Don’t know when that will be, but by Gods grace….IT WILL BE! Pray with us supporting friends!

Prayer Updates on individual Lighthouse Homes: The Director at the Lighthouse (Bro. Alex Taylor) in San Felix , Panama had a heart attack the last Wednesday of Nov.; pray for his recovery. The children at the Costa Rica Lighthouse will be putting on a Christmas drama in 12-14 different churches; pray for their performance and that souls will be saved through it. Two teams from the States will be assisting in a building project at the Costa Rica home to expand guest/staff apartments; pray for their safe arrival, working safety, and for good weather to accomplish. The Lighthouse in India has 4 students that graduated high school and 2 that graduated junior college; pray that God will give them direction as they seek Him for His will in their lives. The Mississippi Lighthouse is in need of $2500 to repair 25 year old heating units.


  • For our salvation and good health.
  • We became grandparents for the first time on October 17th. Ryan and Amy had their first baby….little Alexis Jane, 7 lbs 8ozs, 20 3/4 inches long….healthy and doing well.
  • For God’s continual provision and guidance.
  • All the salvation and ministry decisions made in various churches we presented in the last few months.
  • Kimberly received a nice laptop for college from her cousin Ryan Ziegler in Pennsylvania! What a blessing!

Ministry Prayer Requests

  • That God will supply individual child sponsorship for the children still without sponsorship in the Lighthouses. Any questions or for details, please call Ray 813-300-2137 or Kim 813-317-0258.
  • That God would pull together a way for re-entry in Guyana and/or provide the way to start a Lighthouse in the Philippines this upcoming year.
  • For Bro Runyon, missionary in Guyana, who is suffering serious health problems and has been brought Stateside for hospitalization. He is recovering, but still very serious. Boltz Prayer Requests
  • For our daughter’s twin pregnancy to continue going well, and babies and mom to stay healthy. She is in her 3rd trimester and has begun normal procedure doctor recommended bed rest to carry them as long as possible.
  • Our daughter Kimberly is still praying for a cheap, small used car for college in good condition. If you know of any please let us know.

We thank you always for all your love, prayers, and support! We don’t take lightly serving the Lord together with you. We know that we can count on all of you to take our needs before the Lord in prayer and fight the battles with us!

We love you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Serving Jesus Together,

Bro. Ray and Kim Boltz & Family

Joshua 24:15

The Boltz Family