July – September 2012

Dear Praying Friends and Supporters,

Proverbs 3:5,6 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not

unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways, acknowledge him, and

he shall direct thy paths.” It is with great joy that we have a wonderful announcement

to make to all of our faithful supporters and friends…..God has

moved us on with our Children’s Home Ministry to a greater level! Thank you so

much for standing in the gap and lifting many prayers up to the Heavenly Throne

on our behalf! Though we were saddened by the fact that we were not allowed

to stay in Guyana due to our working visas, God knew all about it, and was preparing

His plan for us all along the way no doubt. We left our work there with

the other missionary Bro. Runyon and we know he will take good care of it and

do with it what the Lord sees fit.

We have now merged our Lighthouse Children’s Home Ministry with Bro. Larry

Neff and his wife Paula and their Lighthouse Children’s Home Ministry. Thankfully,

much will stay the same just on a larger scale. We praise the Lord! Bro.

Neff founded this ministry in 1978 with his first Lighthouse in Mississippi. He also

has 5 Lighthouses in four other countries as well; 2 in Panama, one in India, one

in Mexico, and one in Costa Rica. We will be doing the foreign end of the work

by visiting these Homes, encouraging and training staff, intaking more children

and counseling, and meeting needs. In addition, we will start other foreign

Homes. In Spring, God is giving us the opportunity to head to Baguio, Philippines

to start our first Lighthouse to add to this ministry. We will spend various months on end at each of the Homes, with stateside travel in between from our Mississippi

location to raise more support for various needs and supplies. Our vision remains

the same: to rescue children, to give them a place they can call “home”, to meet their

needs, to lead them to the Lord, and then to teach them how to serve the Lord and

that He has a plan for their life! By Guyana’s door closing, the good Lord just enabled

for us to enlarge our vision and to reach far more children! But continue to pray for

Guyana and that someday we can resume a work there.

In our last newsletter we stated that “we will walk on and just say YES to whatever that

other plan is…..as He reveals it, we will do it!” Well He did reveal it, and we will do

it….we will walk on and just say YES, LORD!

Please keep us in prayer as we reach others for Jesus in the upcoming months as I

preach, present our new work, teach in Junior Churches and Sunday School Programs

in our travels, and for the details to come together as we plan to head to the Philippines

in March.


  • For our salvation and good health.
  • That our son Ryan found a job…..it required a move, but after serving a year at New Testament

    Baptist Church in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, he and his wife took a paid ministry position at Calvary’s

    Boys Ranch in Eufaula, OK.

  • For God’s continual provision and guidance.
  • Our daughter Rachelle and her husband TJ have announced that they are pregnant with TWINS

    due in February.

Ministry Prayer Requests

  • That God will supply individual child sponsorship for the children still without sponsorship in the

    Lighthouses. Any questions or for details, please call Ray 813-300-2137 or Kim 813-317-0258.

  • That God would meet the need to purchase a 12 or 15 passenger van for our ministry for stateside

    travel and for use of the Mississippi Lighthouse.

  • That God would pull together all the funding needed to start the Philippine Lighthouse.

Boltz Prayer Requests

  • For our daughter’s twin pregnancy to go well, and babies and mom stay healthy.
  • Our son and Amy will be having our first grandbaby in early October….everything is well so far,

    pray it continues and for a healthy baby and mom, and safe delivery!

  • Our daughter Kimberly started online Bible College through Salt Lake Baptist College to get her

    Bible Certificate (She wants to help us in ministry a year). Then she will go to Heartland Baptist

    Bible College next year to earn a Church Education Degree. She is praying for funding for a laptop

    for college work, and for a cheap, used car.

We thank you always for all your love, prayers, and support! We don’t take lightly

serving the Lord together with you. We know that we can count on all of you to take

our needs before the Lord in prayer and fight the battles with us! We love you!

Serving Jesus Together,

Bro. Ray and Kim Boltz & Family

Joshua 24:15

The Boltz Family