January – March 2012

Hello To You From Guyana!!!!!

We finally made it, Praise the Lord! We are thrilled to be here! Through trials,

challenges and changes that we’ve been noticing we are soon reminded of John

3:30 “He must increase, but I must decrease.” Our burden is now even deeper!

We must stay focused on Him! People here have grown so cold to the things of

God since we were here last. In around the time we were here back in 2008,

Hollywood and television had just come into some of the villages and homes. We

are convinced that the changes and lower standards towards Christ that we are

seeing are a result of that influence. But it’s just like the rest of the

world….people need the Lord! And that is what we are here to do; reach the

souls for Christ, edify the believer, disciple new converts, and care for the children

that God gives us! Thank you for standing behind us!

We have led 7 people to the Lord and seen 12 people surrender to full time ministry

in the Diamond area of Guyana. Down here in the jungle, we led 2 to the

Lord as well, praise the Lord! We love to soul win, and we use every opportunity

to reach people. The market place is good for this because it is a very spiritually

dark place. Other than getting things shipped in, it’s the only place for us to receive

our food and goods. Prices have gone up so much!! All we can do is pray

for protection, guidance and for our dollars to stretch each time we go, which is

several times a week.

The Children’s Home has begun, we have taken the 3 children in already. They

moved in Feb 4th. The new building is not yet complete, but we are making do.

The team of men that came turned out to be 6 instead of 15, so between thatand the heavy rains during the time period they were here caused not as much work to get done.

But that’s ok…God knows all of this already and everything comes in His timing. They did get a lot

done that we are so thankful for. We just have to do a few finishing touches so we can move into

that building. We have learned that things in Guyana move much more slowly than what we are

used to in America.


  • That we are here and finally doing the hands on work we have been longing to do!
  • For the salvation and ministry decisions made in our first quarter so far.
  • We are thankful our family is adjusting to the different culture relatively well.

Ministry Prayer Requests

  • That the children in our care will grow in the Lord more and more every day.
  • For God to show us a way to buy foods and necessities at a cheaper cost to feed and care for all

    the children. (Sadly, most things have gone up and are doubled and tripled the prices in America.)

  • For the remainder of the building project to get funded and completed.

Boltz Prayer Requests

  • Continued good health for the family and children over the next quarter.
  • For our 3 yr working visas to get issued. Our 30 day visa is expired now, and we are

    now on an extension while we await approval or disapproval. Don’t know what the

    hold up is! PLEASE pray for God’s will to be done!

Thank you for all your love, prayers, and support! We couldn’t be where we are today

without it! We continually pray for you, and appreciate each and everyone of you, and

pray God’s blessings upon you. We love you!

Serving Jesus Until He Returns,

Bro. Ray and Kim Boltz & Family

Joshua 24:15

The Boltz Family