April – June 2012

Hello Praying Friends and Supporters,


We are reminded this quarter of something Jesus spake to His followers…

“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the

world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the

world.” John 16:33

We are looking unto the Author and Finisher of our faith. The

One Who has already overcome. But WE NEED YOU to pray earnestly for us

that God will continue to guide us and give us wisdom.

As most of you already

have heard, but for those of you who haven’t, the Guyanese government has

rejected our 3 year working visas without a reason at this point in time. We

were advised by the American and the Guyanese Embassies to return to the

States and resubmit all paperwork to reapply. Within the first week of being

back in the States, we resubmitted to the Guyanese Embassy in Washington D.C.

as instructed. To date, we still haven’t received word other than they received all

paperwork and we will hear from them shortly. We need you to pray once again,

in regards to this matter, that the Lord gives us wisdom. We are living by faith

and can only follow the doors the Lord allows to open.

As we reflect back on

our last quarters newsletter, we are reminded how much we prayed and sought

prayer for the Lord’s will to be done in regards to these visas before they were

rejected. So, being rejected into Guyana, is that the Lord’s Will? We don’t think

that would be the case. Or is it just an obstacle, the beginning of our missionary

story? Could it be just a measure the Lord wants to use to build our patience and

faith through? Or to protect us from something? We don’t know. All we do

know is that we had to temporarily lay to rest the busy work we began, say Goodbye to all the people and to the 3 children, and placed them in the good hands of the

Runyon’s, and came back to the States.


Now here we are! We want you to know that we will

NOT quit! While we await word, we are busy on the road raising more support for the ministry, and reaching souls for Christ! We continue to pray for those we have led to the Lord in Guyana, that they will continue to have a tender heart to seek the Lord and grow in Him and to stay encouraged. Our last day there, I preached in a church in the capitol city and during the invitation I asked who will step up in our

shoes to reach their own people since we were asked to leave? Three different couples and two individuals came up to the altar and gave us their names for us to pray for them that God would use them in this capacity wherever He would. So praise the Lord!

Please keep these people in

prayer too. What the devil is trying to destroy…..God has another plan!

We will walk on and just say YES to whatever that other plan is…..as He reveals it, we will do it!


  • For our salvation and good health.
  • That we had the privilege to start our ministry in Guyana,,,,it was true joy!
  • For all the wonderful people we met in Guyana and were able to establish good relationships with.


Ministry Prayer Requests

  • That this visa situation gets settled quickly!
  • That the 3 children, whom the Runyon’s have again until we get back, will grow in the Lord more

    and more every day. And that they will stay focused on the Lord and not cave into peer pressure.

    Just like anywhere else, peer pressure has become a ruling factor amongst the youth.

  • Being that things have gone up in price in Guyana and are doubled and tripled the prices in America,

    pray that God would allow for us to raise much more support while we are back in the States

    to meet the food, clothing, housing, and educational needs of all the children.

  • For the remainder of the building project to get funded and completed. We want to start that

    back up as soon as we return. Despite a solid first month of heavy rains, much was accomplished

    the first 3 months. Its under roof, all that is needed is the electrical, plumbing, windows, and flooring.

  • For Bro. Runyon….he has been experiencing heart attacks and seeking treatment. Pray God’s will

    be done there and the right solutions be found. Watching his strong faith and perseverance during

    his heart attack trials has been a huge encouragement to us!


Boltz Prayer Requests

  • Our daughter Rachelle married TJ Burris May 12. Pray that God would tremendously bless their

    marriage! They are already surrendered to come to our ministry in Guyana once Bible college and

    deputation is finished, so we are very excited for that!

  • For our son Ryan to find the right job. While he and his wife have a Youth Pastor position in

    Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, he still needs some income and is having a tough time finding a job that will

    work around his schedule to meet the needs of his ministry position.

  • Our daughter Kimberly graduates high school….pray for God to meet her Bible college needs.


We thank you for all your love, prayers, and support! We treasure serving the Lord

together with you. We know that we can count on all of you to take our needs before

the Lord in prayer and fight the battle with us! We love you!

Serving Jesus Together,

Bro. Ray and Kim Boltz & Family

Joshua 24:15

The Boltz Family